We make excellent sausages. Our Supreme Champion Pork sausages are still our best seller. We have no secrets, they are made with top quality free range pork, seasoning and a hint of mixed herbs.

Our range of sausages include:
•  Supreme Champion Pork
•  Pork and Leek
•  Pork and Garlic
•  Pork and Bacon
•  Pork and Apple
•  Breakfast Pork
•  Pork Chipolata
•  Pork with Warnford Watercress
•  Gluten Free Pork with a pinch of
   mixed herbs
•  Hot and Spicy
•  Venison with Cranberry
•  Lamb and Mint
•  Chicken with Cracked Black Pepper
•  Chicken and Mango
•  Highland Beef